Makudonarudo , 22" x 18"
Mixed Media: Dutch metal & copper leaf, colored pencils, watercolors,
shell matiere, and ink jet print on watercolor paper.
(Private Collection)
Growing up in a culture that is focused on details and craftsmanship I learned how to write the alphabet neatly rather than pronounce it properly. When I went to Japanese school English was one of the requirements along with mathematics, science, history, and of course Japanese that was true throughout my education. Then I came to America my English education in Japan helped me start my life in a whole new environment. But then I realized right away that I was not understood. My reading and writing skills were far better than my listening and speaking skills. Especially in light of the strong influence of the Japanese-English pronunciation I mastered in Japan, learning to speak English properly has been the most challenging of all. Adopting some humor to relieve the stress and tension became my ability to help myself cope with everyday conversation in America. Now I am an artist in America who can handle humor, different cultures, and English quite well in her artwork like everyone else.